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February 11, 2018 by Mcneil Molina


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Get first place in a round of Design It!

Achieve more than a $1000 budget! You're on your way to being a top designer!

This event has ended. Place in the top 3 in a Halloween round to win the Pumpkin Shoulder Friend! Explore this year's Halloween festivities with this amazing friend!

Achieve more than a $10,000 budget! Your designs are very popular!

Achieve more than a $30,000 budget! Your designs are recognized worldwide!

Achieve more than a $50,000 budget! Your designs are so awesome, aliens come to Earth just to see them!

Why spend when you can save? Reach 5,000 coins to show off this badge!

You'll never run out of awesome outfits - unlock all purchasable effects to show off this badge!

You've beaten all 7 days of the Winter Games and unlocked blue colored skin! Be one of the first to customize your avatar with this limited skin color!

Play 3 Bloxgiving rounds to unlock the 3 items needed to create the ultimate Bloxgiving outfit! Wear them all together in a Bloxgiving round to win the "Turkey Head" prize! This turkey is almost as cool as your outfit!

Can you guess who has the best outfit? Vote for the person who ends up winning the round and win the "Turkey Tail" prize!

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